Blocked Drain Clearance Services

Drain Unblocking:
Are you experiencing issues with blocked drains? Then call HPC, your reliable solution for prompt blockage clearance. Our 24/7 service is dedicated to swiftly addressing your drainage concerns. Internal blockages are normally resolved without water, thanks to our specialised flexshaft machine, which rapidly rotates chains to conquer even the most stubborn obstructions in toilets, urinals, bathtubs, showers, and more.

If you're dranage is broken or collapsed or simply need a diagnosis, don't hesitate to contact HPC at 01634 660 544. We're available around the clock, seven days a week.

Domestic and commercial drain unblocking services are essential for maintaining the smooth operation of plumbing and drainage systems.

For external blockages, we use heavy-duty, high-pressure drain jetting equipment that efficiently eradicates fat, scale, and debris from your drainage system, preventing future blockages. Below, you'll find a list of the services we offer for more intricate drainage issues:

Emergency Drain Repairs:
To prevent potential home flooding, we expedite the repair or replacement of damaged drains. Our team conducts CCTV surveys of your drains in cases where conventional methods fail. This approach reveals any damage or collapsed sections, allowing us to implement a swift and cost-effective solution, avoiding the inconvenience of major excavations.

CCTV Inspection:
Often, we perform comprehensive CCTV inspections to assess your entire drainage system and ensure that addressing one issue won't lead to problems elsewhere in the system.

No-Dig Technology:
The primary advantage of this method is that it eliminates the need for excavation, minimising ground disruption and overall inconvenience.

Here's how it works: A drain patch, infused with epoxy resin, is applied and wrapped around a specialised tool known as a pipe packer. The pipe packer is then inserted into the damaged section of the drain and inflated, causing the resin to bond to the pipe, effectively repairing the hole. After an hour, the resin fully cures, and the pipe can be safely removed.

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