Drain Relining

These 'no-dig' or 'trenchless' pipe replacement methods involve inserting a liner covered with a special resin into a vertical or horizontal sewer or drain.

This works for pipes up to 300mm in diameter. Once inside the pipe, the liner is turned inside out and forced through using air pressure; the liner is pushed out to bond with the interior of the pipe and the resin is cured or hardened.

This creates a new pipe within the old pipe, restoring the full use of the drain or sewer. we can reline or patch repair sewers and drains from 100mm to 300mm in diameter, accessing the pipe from manhole chamber to manhole chamber. For localised repairs or short sections of the drain, we may employ CIPP patch (or point repair) lining. This involves positioning a 'patch' (short piece) of CIPP liner which is wrapped around an inflatable packer. Once in place, the packer is inflated leaving the patch to form a new lining to that section of pipe.
Several patches may be fitted end to end to make a longer repair. using these new methods saves on cost and no excavation is required around the property.

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